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Don't Let Language be a Barrier for Your Hotel's Success

We all know that great communication is key in the hospitality industry.
To improve your guests’ experience and increase your direct bookings, you have to speak their language.
On this page, you’ll find out why translating your website and creating high-quality, engaging content is a game-changer for attracting Italian visitors.

An Overview of Italian Travel Habits

Italian tourists are known for their love of culture, history, and food, but they are also interested in outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing, as well as beach vacations. 

According to the World Tourism Organization, Italian tourists made over 60 million trips abroad in 2019 and they are coming back strong after COVID-19. That’s a lot of potential guests to attract to your hotel!

Of course, we may be loud and sometimes even messy, but we are great customers! Italians tend to stay longer than visitors from other countries, and they are also among the top spenders.

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Online Booking Habits of Italian Travelers

SiteMinder, one of the world’s leading hotel technology providers, released its Top 12 hotel booking revenue makers of 2021, providing some valuable insights.

The report reveals an acceleration in direct bookings, which is now one of the top two revenue drivers in more than half of all markets, including Italy!

There is a growing trend among Italian tourists to book their stay directly from hotel websites, which has led to a rise in this channel’s importance as an income driver. This shift is reflected in the channel’s improved ranking, moving up to second place from last year’s third place and 2018’s fourth place.

Do Italians Speak English?

Although English follows Italian as the second most spoken language, a survey conducted by the European Commission suggests that only about 34% or just over a third of Italians can speak English at a proficient level.

In fact, Italians are the third-worst at speaking English across the European Union, according to the 2022 English Proficiency Index by EF, just after their neighbors Spaniards and French.

What Does This Mean?

This means that failing to localize your hotel’s website for an Italian audience could result in missed opportunities to secure direct bookings from the thousands of Italian tourists who are planning to visit your city this year.

That's Where I Come In!

With over 10 years of experience in Italian copywriting and translation, I can create engaging content and localize your hotel’s website to boost direct bookings.

I’ve extensive experience in the Travel and Hospitality industries and my article about website localization has been featured on the Canadian Tradeready blog for International Trade Experts.

Don’t miss out on all the direct bookings you could be getting from Italian tourists – drop me a line and let’s make it happen!

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I’ve been translating and managing big translation projects for over 10 years now. I have a team of qualified translators that can help you in creating and localizing content also in these languages.

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