SEO and Competitor Analysis | Digital Strategy

The company

Wonder provides merchant services and payment terminals to small and medium businesses in Hong Kong.
In Hong Kong every payment is made by phone or QR-codes, and even Government consumption vouchers are cash-free. The demand for digital translaction services is very high, but so is competition.
Wonder needs a digital strategy to let people know its brand and, at the same time, reach potential customers.

Our collaboration

What I did for them

My collaboration with this company started on social networks. I got in touch with one of the founders, who asked me if I was interested in studying and analysing the market of one of the cities I love the most. Of course, I agreed right away!

Initially, I carried out a competitor analysis of payment solutions providers in Hong Kong to define Wonder’s image and positioning.

I worked with their marketing team who supported me and provided some data on keywords that were only available in Chinese.

And they liked my work! Shortly after, I was entrusted with an SEO analysis to identify the best channels for online promotion and a digital strategy.

Unfortunately, I can’t show much. Below you will find some slides from my market analysis and digital strategy presentation.

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