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The company


Fluent is a startup that wants to change the way people learn languages.
They have developed a Google Chrome extension that helps you learn Italian, French and Spanish by translating select words to your target language on any page you visit.
Fluent is so immersive people make progress without even noticing. Everyone can study and practice the language while reading their favorite online content.

Our collaboration

What I did for this company

I have been contacted by their communication agency based in the US.

Fluent is a revolutionary product and has no equal, that’s why people won’t search online for something similar – they don’t even know it exists.

So, how do you reach your target audience with such a unique offer? Exactly – content marketing!

I was asked to write SEO-optimized articles in English about the Italian language to be published on their blog and reach Italian language students looking for information online.

In this way, those who google, for example, “How to tell the time in Italian” can find my (their) article and thus discover the existence of this amazing software.

I own a language learning blog, and it was interesting to write articles about my mother tongue for the first time.

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