Beyond Pricing

The company


Beyond (formerly “Beyond Pricing”) is a US company that leverages its data and powerful algorithms to help vacation rental owners and property managers around the world achieve success.

Beyond’s offer includes dynamic pricing, market and competitor rates analysis, and even ad management on various travel websites.

The company’s success really depends on that of its customers.

And it definitely shows!


What I do for this company

Italy is an important market for Beyond. The company costantly needs original content in Italian both to support current customers and gain new ones.
Over a year ago, Beyond contacted me on Upwork and asked to write SEO-optimized posts in Italian for their blog.
We hit it off right away, and a few months later they asked me to work as a translator too, localize their English articles and optimize them for SEO.
I also took care of the Italian translation of the Annual Report which is, among other things, a lead magnet on the website.
In the coming months, I localized their entire website and softwer into Italian.
I’m very interested in real estate, I learn a lot and it’s great to see Beyond’s commitment to supporting its clients.

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