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Bafico Marmi


A complete makeover

Bafico Marmi is my family’s business.

When my brother took over the company, we decided to spruce up the logo and take care of the corporate image with new business cards, envelopes, letterhead and invoice forms.

The icing on the cake: I have finally created a website to tell the story of our company which has lasted for more than one hundred years.

A more contemporary look

The logo

We wanted to keep the same layout, so I went for a more solid font and transformed the frame into the cuts that are used as guides for working the marble. My brother chose to switch from blue to green.

Not only t-shirts

Corporate identity

Bafico Marmi has always been famous for its logo T-shirts.
We decided to create new branded materials such as business cards, letterhead, invoice templates and envelopes.
Of course, it’s all about marble: Bianco Carrara in the background and slate, Azul Macaubas and Giallo Reale as accents.

Online, finally!


For the first time since 1909, Bafico Marmi is online at!
I’ve created a sleek, simple website where space is given to marblework and the history of the company.
To frame the images, I have taken up the “cuts” from the logo.

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