SEO Copywriting | Product description

The Company

Founded by China’s former richest man, is considered the world’s largest online marketplace, with more than 26 million active buyers.

The platform specializes in connecting Chinese manufacturers and suppliers with retailers from all over the world.

You can find any product on the platform: clothing, machinery, furniture, electronic gadgets, and many more.’s business develops entirely online.

Our collaboration

What I do for this company helps Chinese manufacturers and suppliers sell around the world, and to do so, it helps them localize their product descriptions by relying on foreign writers and translators.

My collaboration with the Chinese giant began by writing SEO-optimized product descriptions in Italian and English.

Satisfied with the quality of my work, they asked me to write SEO-optimized articles in English for their Alibaba Reads platform after a few months.

With this content marketing strategy, the company can reach potential product resellers looking online for information on trends and styles.

I started in May 2024. If you want, you can read the SEO articles I write for here.

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